Patient Information

We want to be able to provide everyone with the best dental treatment possible, with the best service possible. This is why we provide a variety of payment options, such as financing through CareCredit, acceptance of cash, credit and insurance, and offer a membership plan to our customers, which allows you to get discounts and free services for a yearly membership fee.

We also have all of our forms online so you can print and fill them out before your next dentist appointment. You will find links to the forms below along with more information about Riley Dental Group Membership Plan. Please contact us for more information or to set up your next appointment.

A gorgeous young brunette brushing her teeth in the morning


At Riley Dental Group, we don’t treat you as another patient. We treat you as one of our own family members. From a friendly and helpful staff who will always answer your questions or calls, to our therapy dog, Bennett, who is available to help calm children’s anxiety about their dental appointments. Below we have a few customers who were kind enough to provide a video testimonial about the service they received from our office.

- Wilma Embry

- Taylor Woodson

- Bobby Steenbergen

- Rita Billingsley